Aircraft Tug

LEKTRO has been pioneering innovative electric vehicles since 1945 - Celebrating 70 years in business!

In 1967, we built the world's first towbarless electric aircraft tractor, called the Airporter. Today, LEKTRO is changing the way ground crews all over the world handle electric aircraft tugs & tractors by continually perfecting the function and design of aircraft towing vehicles. Our cutting edge technology tow tractors prove to be the finest in the industry.

Aircraft Tugs Built To Last

The LEKTRO towbarless aircraft tractor has proven to be more efficient, safer, more reliable, and infinitely more versatile than conventional electric aircraft tugs. The LEKTRO brand speaks of a unique quality that cannot be acquired from any other aircraft tractor. With our all-steel construction, unique electric towbarless design, and quality craftsmanship, we guarantee each LEKTRO electric aircraft tow vehicle is built to last.

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