Find out why they don't just call it a tug, they call it a LEKTRO.

LEKTRO revolutionized aircraft handling when it introduced the world’s first towbarless aircraft tow vehicle in 1967.

Since then, we’ve continued to lead the aircraft towing industry with a full line of fully electric, towbarless aircraft tow vehicles. With 5,000 units in operation in nearly every country of the world, LEKTRO’s tugs have proven to be reliable, tough and easy to use. LEKTRO’s reputation doesn’t stop there though, in addition to a proven platform, LEKTRO has the best customer service and technical support in the GSE industry.

Regardless of what environment or constraints are, there’s a LEKTRO that make your operations safer and more efficient, all the while being environmentally clean.


LEKTRO produced the first towbarless aircraft tug in 1967 and we’ve been the industry leader since then. With nearly 5,000 units in operation across the globe with individuals, corporate flight departments, FBOs, militaries, airlines and OEMs, you know you are getting the most trusted name in towbarless towing when you buy a LEKTRO. We know that safe and reliable operations have to have the user in mind. That’s why we design our units to be easy to maintain and even easier to operate.

Our Patented Universal Nose Gear Lift Cradle quickly and easily adapts to nearly every aircraft. Using a LEKTRO, you will find a reduced need for manpower, an increased hangar capacity and a decrease in the potential for aircraft damage. Finally, we use superior components, thicker steel, and handmade, local parts equals a more reliable, longer-lasting product


  • Patented Universal Nose Gear Lift Cradle and soft, nylon strap secures the aircraft while allowing for radial freedom.
  • This further prevents over torquing the nose gear
  • Turns are less stressful on nose gear
  • Smooth accelerating electric motor eliminates the jarring effects and excessive shear loading damage common to conventional tugs
  • No transmission eliminates the jolt of shifting gears in competitor models.

Simple Operation & Maintenance

  • One person job, so hook up procedure is minimized and easy to operate requiring less training of personnel.
  • Charge batteries, add water when needed.
  • Access to nearly every component can be achieved easily.
  • A manual that has every component detailed so the customer can see how to take the component apart and put it back together.
  • We provide the list of parts and assign a part number so you can easily identify the part you need.


  • Hook up procedure is safer, minimizing risk to aircraft and personnel.
  • Utilizing the weight of the aircraft to increase traction, allows for safe towing and braking.
  • In the event of hydraulic system failure, the cradle can be lowered with no power or hydraulic pressure, AND the brake can be released.
  • In the event of electric system failure, all systems are fused and you carry spare fuses on board.
  • Triple redundant to avoid brake failure.
  • No more Pinched fingers, failed shear pins, and jackknifing (commons issues with towbar tugs).


  • Utilizing the weight of the aircraft to increase traction, results in better distribution of weight and less rolling resistance, requiring less effort to move the plane.


  • Environmentally friendly, zero emission


  • Allows for better communication between the tug operator and pilot or maintenance and ramp personnel


  • Five year average battery life
  • One overnight charge is sufficient to power the tug through two very busy shifts
  • Most aircraft require 28 volts to operate avionics or start the engines. The common DC battery comes in 6 or 12-volt configurations (6v, 12, 24, 36, etc.). Using these common battery voltages, it is not possible to achieve a true 28-volt, which the aircraft is designed to accept. LEKTRO desired to match the aircraft manufacturers' requirements for ground power, and so the 4v/6v GPU battery was born. By adding a 4-volt tap to an existing 6-volt battery, LEKTRO tugs are able to provide true 28-volt GPU, as the manufacturer requires.
  • Placing the batteries, which are somewhat fragile and expensive, near the exterior side wall, subjects them to damage caused by a side impact. LEKTRO’s placement of the batteries in the center of the vehicle protects the battery and ensures the battery needs replacement only when it wears out, not due to impact damage.


  • Available in Lektro red or your preferred colors
  • Added components and features available to enhance operation, or protect operators in extreme weather conditions.

Meets Regulation Requirements

  • American National Standards Institute
  • Society of Automotive Engineers
  • Occupational Safety and Hazard Association requirements
  • Redundant braking
  • Emergency Disconnect by Operator (a method to disconnect power to the battery within the operator’s reach in addition to a key switch)
  • Recessed spinner knob on the steering wheel

Resale Value

  • Because of the superior components used to build the tug, many used tugs are sold for more than their original purchase price

Customer Support

  • Sales team come from the FBO Airline or Military industry and understand the requirements and maintenance required
  • Single family ownership, no shareholders to answer to
  • We provide lifetime support all of our products. If certain components become obsolete, we source other components that can be used as a replacement. As long as you want to keep your LEKTRO in operation, we plan to be here to support it.
  • Product documention
  • Quality control

We purchased our first LEKTRO in 1998 and our 5th LEKTRO in 2015. Our FBO is located high in the Rocky Mountains and we move thousands of aircraft every year in some of the worst winter weather. We hit negative temperatures for weeks on end and when the tugs won’t start, the LEKTROs always work....

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Thirty years ago Puget Sound Energy bought a 1985 Kingair to maximize employee productivity.  We ditched our tug and tow bar for a bright red LEKTRO. Our LEKTRO is about as maintenance free as a tug can be.  We’re beginning the fourth set of batteries, the second set of tires, and top-up the water quarterly....

- Rick Hamborg, Chief Pilot , Puget Sound Energy | Read More

When me and my wife started Bestfly in 2009, we inherited an old standup unit bought in 2003 by an old Angolan regional airline. Since we were starting, this gift was a blessing, as we were the only VIP ground handling company in the country with its own tug. With that “little” machine we were...

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