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Jet Aviation orders a LEKTRO for their new Macau Operation

Last year Jet Aviation bought the 4,500th LEKTRO for their new Dubai operation

Shanghai, China. — LEKTRO and long-time customer, Jet Aviation, kicked off ABACE 2015 by finalizing a deal on a new LEKTRO model AP8850SDA. This unit is slated to go to Jet Aviation’s new Macau operation.

LEKTRO pioneered the towbarless market when it developed the world’s first towbarless tug back in 1967. Combining its towbarless design with state-of-the-art battery power has resulted in the safest, most efficient and most environmentally friendly tow tractor the aviation industry has ever seen.

Jet Aviation’s new AP8850SDA (certified to handle up to the EMB-195/Lineage) is popular in FBO operations because of its wide versatility. It is small enough to handle even the small Lears and Citations, yet large and robust enough to handle the entire range of mid-sized business aircraft such as Dassault Falcon Jets, Bombardier Globals, Challengers, and the entire Gulfstream fleet (including the new G650).

This year LEKTRO is celebrating its 70th year in business under second generation, single-family ownership and continues to build on its strong reputation supplying safe and reliable equipment to FBOs, corporate flight departments, airlines and military operations. “Our products are in almost every country in the world today,” stated LEKTRO’s executive vice president, Jesse Long. “It is a testament to LEKTRO’s unrivaled commitment to quality and unsurpassed level of customer support.”

For the editor:
LEKTRO is an Oregon based company founded in 1945 that specializes in the design and manufacture of electric vehicles. LEKTRO founder Wilt Paulson invented the first towbarless tow vehicle in 1967, revolutionizing aircraft towing. Eric, his son, took over the company in 1985, overseeing the development of the larger, modern tugs LEKTRO builds now. LEKTRO has produced a wide variety of pioneering electric vehicles over its 70 year history, including the first electric mink feeder and the first electric golf cart, as well as forklifts and warehouse vehicles. A single family ownership has guaranteed uncompromising reliability and function in LEKTRO’s products as well as unsurpassed product support. “My father began producing electric vehicles well before electric vehicles were cool,” added Paulson.

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