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LEKTRO, Inc. pulls together 10-month evaluation of aircraft tugs by the Republic of Korea

Five years in the making, a July, 2006 trip to a Korean Air Force base in Dae Gu City was just the beginning of what is hoped to be a long partnership. LEKTRO president Eric Paulson accompanied the delivery of the first of two electric towbarless aircraft tugs which will be under evaluation for the transport of aircraft for the Tactical Fighter Wing of the Korean military. The installation of the LEKTRO AP8850SDA included training for the Korean Air Force on the operation and maintenance of the tugs as well as a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Presiding over the ceremony was base commander Major General Sung Kee Yoon and the event included the highest ranking officers of the division.

The event coincided with a five day trade mission undertaken by Oregon’s governor Ted Kulongoski and was attended by a delegation which included the Governor and his staff, plus Bob Repine of the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department; Bill Wyatt of the Port of Portland; Bruce Laird of the OECDD; and Jin-Won Kim. Mr. Jin Won Kim is a senior advisor to the U.S.Secretariat of the China-U.S. Center for Sustainable Development and is currently the director of the Korea Representative Office for the State of Oregon in Korea. He is also the representative of the Port of Portland in Korea. In addition, approximately 20 top ranking officers of the Korean Air Force were in attendance including Gen. Lee of the 82nd DME, and Lt. Col Mike McKinley of the U. S. Army. The ribbon-cutting was followed by a brief introduction of the equipment by Mr. Paulson as well as a live demonstration, maneuvering a Korean F-4 at the flight line.

The Korean Air Force personnel will be evaluating this Oregon-manufactured equipment over the next ten months with the possibility of acquiring more tugs for deployment to their 11 air bases.

LEKTRO, Inc. has been manufacturing electric vehicles for a variety of applications since 1945.

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