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LEKTRO sells 3,000th Towbarless Electric Aircraft Tug during AI Expo

Orlando, Florida – On the 2nd day of the Aviation Industry Expo, LEKTRO, Inc announced the sale of the company’s 3,000th towbarless electric aircraft tug to American Eagle Airlines of Fort Worth, Texas. American Eagle has purchased more than fifty LEKTRO Tugs since 1998.

LEKTRO, Inc of Warrenton, Oregon has been making electric vehicles for a variety of applications since 1945. The company manufactured the world’s first towbarless aircraft tug, called the Airporter, and today is the world’s leading manufacturer of towbarless aircraft towing vehicles. Over the past three years LEKTRO has sold more than 1,000 aircraft tugs to customers ranging from private citizens to the governments of nations. LEKTRO’s customers find battery-powered tow tractors are better for the environment while being quieter, easier to operate, and requiring far less maintenance than traditional combustion-engine equipment.

American Eagle has purchased the 3,000th LEKTRO tug, an AP8750CAL for use at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. American Eagle, a regional partner of American Airlines, held their first flight November 1, 1984 and now employs 12,000 people. They serve 33 states in the U.S. plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and 21 foreign locations with more than 1,300 daily jet flights.

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