For Aircraft Up To 70,000 lbs (31,752 kg)

Industry: Corporate

Ideal for towing regional jets down through corporate turboprops.

AP8750C-EZ Features:

Vehicle Drive: 33.1 HP/24.8 kW, 72 VDC Traction Motor mated with Auburn/Dana 44 Differential. Limited Slip Differential, optional.

Motor Speed Control: EV-100ZX SCR with On-Board Diagnostics. Speed controlled by combination Hand Throttle/Directional Lever.

Batteries: Twelve 6 VDC, 328 AMP-HR Batteries (6 hr rate), wired in series. Single Point Watering System, optional.

GPU: Built-in 12/24/28 VDC / 1374 CCA. An Independent 12/24/28 VDC / 1175 CCA Battery and Charging System also optional.

Motive Battery Charger: External Fully Automatic 40 AMP DC / 230 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 1-PH Charger.

Nose Gear Lift Cradle: Patented Universal Nose Gear Lift Cradle activated by an Electric/Hydraulic Pump Assembly capable of handling dual and single wheel aircraft. A Hold Down provision for light-nosed aircraft, Wheel Faring Package and Aircraft Selection System, optional.

Winch: Heavy-duty Hydraulic Winch with Automatic Safety Cut-Off. Winch and Strut Straps included.

Steering: Automotive-type Wheel coupled to an Automotive Gear Box resulting in very responsive steering action.

Service Brakes: Foot Operated Hydraulic Disc-Type Service Brakes at each Drive Wheel.

Parking Brake: Hand/Foot activated Electric Deadman Parking Brake.

Drive Tires: Dual 5.00 x 8 8-ply Pneumatic Highway Tread. Traction Tread, Poly-Foam, Tire Socks and Chains, optional.

Steer Tires: Dual 5.00 x 8 10-ply Pneumatic Traction Tread. Poly-Foam and Steer Axle Suspension, optional.

Lighting: Single 360° Rotating LED Spotlight mounted on Cowl and Five Amber Reflectors. 2nd LED Spotlight, Rear LED Headlight, Four Flashing Amber Running LED Lights, optional.

Extension Ladder: Step Ladder attached to operator’s back rest, optional.

Operator’s Compartment: Two person configuration, Stand-Up Operation with Restraint.

Construction: Welded Steel Plate and Polymers preserved by Primer and Automotive High-Gloss Red or White Enamel Paint with special protective Polyurethane Coating to prevent rust, scratches and corrosion. Custom colors, optional.



157.75 in / 400.6 cm


54.75 in / 139.2 cm

Height (at top of steering wheel):

49.75 in / 126.6 cm

Turning Radius:

139 in / 353 cm

Wheel Base:

81.25 in / 206.4 cm

Vehicle Speed, Empty:

8 MPH / 12.8 KPH

Vehicle Speed, Loaded (To max. Vehicle Capacity):

3.5 MPH / 5.6 KPH

**Lift Cradle Capacity:

7000 LBS / 3175 KG

Nose Gear Cradle Lifting Height:

9 in / 23 cm

Ground Clearance:

5 in / 12.7 cm

Shipping Weight w/o Batteries & Charger:

3240 LBS / 1470 KG

Shipping Weight w/ Motive Batteries & Charger:

4705 LBS / 2134 KG

Shipping Weight w/ Motive & GPU Batteries & Charger:

5055 LBS / 2293 KG

**Lift Capacity is calculated with 18 in / 46 cm diameter aircraft tire in lift cradle. Aircraft tire center line at 20.5 / 52 cm from drive tire center line.

Additional Options:

Draw Bar Pin, Specialized Aircraft Towing Adapters and Custom Highlift Adapters are available (consult factory). Illustration may show some optional equipment.

*LEKTRO reserves the right to make changes and improvements in products and specifications without notice or obligation. PATENT Nos. 5,151,003 / 5,302,075 / 9,067,691. Other Patents Pending.

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