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There isn’t a harder working tug out there than a LEKTRO airline model tug. And, there’s not a better pushback tractor for narrowbody airliners. From regional jets all the way up to the Boeing 757, our tugs have more OEM certifications and a wider range of capability than any other in its class. In fact, the AP8950SDB-AL-250 is certified to handle every major regional and narrowbody airliner in North America. If you don’t need to move both regional and narrowbody aircraft, we have models specifically made for and certified to move your aircraft.

Airline Models
  • For moving regional and narrowbody airliners up 280,000 lbs (127,005 kg)
  • Ideal for handling all aircraft in your narrowbody and regional fleet to just one type
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Tows up to 80,000 lbs (36,287 kg)

Ideal for most large-cabin corporate jets and regional airliners down to turboprops




Tows up to 120,000 lbs (54,432 kg)

Ideal for towing nearly every aircraft in this weight category, including regional jets and turboprops.




Tows up to 110,000 lbs (52,163 kg)

Ideal for high speed towing to maintenance hangars or on busy taxiways. The AP89225SDB-AL/HS-200 is perfect for handling narrow body airliners, small cargo aircraft and airline-sized corporate jets at airports where speed is important to cover long distances and minimize disruption on the taxiways.




Tows up to 210,000 lbs (95,256 kg)

Ideal for towing narrow-body airliners and airline-sized corporate jets down thru regional jets and turboprops.

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Tows up to 280,000 lbs (127,006 kg)

Ideal for airlines who need to move aircraft as big as a Boeing 757 on down to a regional jet or turboprop.



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