AP83 Series Aircraft Tug

The AP8360 is the perfect beginner LEKTRO. Whether it be your first airplane or entry level corporate aircraft, the AP8360 can handle your needs. Built with the same exacting standards as all LEKTRO tow tractors, the AP8360 will give you years of safe towing at a very affordable price. Designed for a single operator with our universal cradle and whisper quiet electric drive, this tow vehicle will introduce you to why our customers don’t just call it a tug — they call it a LEKTRO.

AP83 Series
  • Tows up to 15,000 lbs (6,804 kg)
  • Ideal for piston engined aircraft up to very light jets
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Tows up to 15,000 lbs (6,804 kg)

Ideal for towing very light jets on down to virtually all piston engined aircraft and single engined turboprops.



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